Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1, 2008

The above picture of John was taken a long time ago...September 2004 but, looking through the pictures I have I realized that I don't have many of John. He always comes and then leaves...never can stay around for very long. So....I have posted the "botox" picture. Ü He is supposed to come here after work. He and I have some accounting to do. Oh...and the above picture...taken after he had a highlow accident at work.
Trying to straighten out my computer/scrapbooking room. I can let it get soooo messy and then hate to clean it up. Finally put away all of Uncle Joe's to finish my Mom's. Today is the anniversary of her year ago today. Goes by fast.
Our neighbor next door, Carrie, got a really cute haircut. Cut like Katie Holmes/Cruise...only she has it brown with highlight stripes in it....really like it on her...she looks a lot younger even though she isn't that old.
Green Tambourine of John's favorites.

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