Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday, Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all out there who apply. Dreary, rainy day here. Both Alex and John called and as Alex was here last week-end she wasn't coming this week-end. She gave me her present last week....a big Yankee Candle and two tops for the candle jars. They are suppose to keep the glass from the black silver and one gold. Very nice. John will be by tomorrow as he is with Brandy and her family with her Dad. Her Father is not doing well at all. He is in hospice care and they think only has a very short time left to live. Boy....she just had two grandmother's who passed away within days of one another and now her Dad.
Went to Target and Meijer's today to pick up some items. Mostly for John as he is starting afternoons tomorrow and I will be making his lunch. He will stop by on the way to work to pick it up.
Finished another scrapbook page. This one of the "cottages" in Saugatuck. Boy...sure would like to know what these people do for a living who own these homes. Some are really spectacular.

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