Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm here waiting for Alex to get her and I just got her call. She just left her place so guess I will be waiting some more. My back went out again last night and had an appointment with the chiropractor again for this morning, which was good. He said that the back sometimes likes to go back to it's old position so he push it back into place and I go see him again on Tuesday. Am having reservations about going on this trip. Will have to wait and see.

Have to go over to my Uncle Stanley's house today and pick up and photo to scan for Liz. Juan and I are suppose to take over a HEAVY statue for him but that will have to wait.

Hope my back stays in place. Took a couple of Tylenol to try and calm me down. Know I'm all tense thinking it will pop out again. And believe me....that HURTS! blood sugar went WAY UP because of the stress. Just have to relax and clam down.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My two fuzz face doggies. Yesterday I wrote about GiGi being ill and thinking it was the food. Gave her new food yesterday and she was fine so am thinking that was what made her ill. Senór Lucky is bouncing around more and more each day. He goes to the vet next Friday for blood tests to see how he is doing. Hopefully, all will be well.

Went to the chiropractor again this morning and he did that both side back popping thing. Ehhhhh....not a fan of that but it's over fast so not that bad. Will be going back this Friday and probably three times a week until we leave for Hawaii. Also, he gave me some exercises I have to do a couple of times a day. Can't believe it's almost time to go. Haven't made any list yet of what I have to remember to bring. Will have to get going on that.

Alex will be here Friday through Monday. Yea! Think she is going to help me with transferring stuff from my old computer to this one. Have had that modem sitting here for over a year now. Would be nice to get my family tree back and also photos I lost on this one. Know I lost most of 2007 and 2009 photos and all of 2008 photos. We are going to get some kind of zip thing where I can store important files for myself and not have the fear of losing them.

Still busy making greeting cards for who ever. Am stumped with one card Alex wants me to make for Alicia's up-coming wedding. Want some cherry tree branches and flowers for an idea I have...still have to work out the placement of their names on the card. You wouldn't believe how much math is involved with scrapbooking/card making, especially lining things up right on the computer to print stuff out.

John is already back in the groove of going to work and Brandy isn't really working this week. She is at the plant but for the week is going through orientation. Guess she is trying to get onto days because of the kids. And that's about it for today.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Here I am again! Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Well...trying this again...blogging that is. Once I got on Facebook!!! seems like I just didn't feel like blogging anymore. The thing with Facebook is that you can't go on and on like I sometimes like to do. And the reason for the above photo you ask? Had to go to a Chiropractor this morning. My lower back went out big time! For the last three days have had really bad pain...but only in the late afternoon and evening. Last night was the worst. Seems like when I get up in the morning...pain is just thought that it would go away. Made the appointment yesterday as I just kept thinking that it's not getting any fact, worse. A neighbor of mine, Gloria, recommended this guy to me as he had helped her and her husband. Knew he was around here for a long time...just never went to him. He is very nice and took x-rays and some other kind of x-ray, then pressed around my back and then we went into another room and he snapped my back into place. Yikes! Hurt a bit but not long. Then had to lay there for about 10 minutes with an ice pack on my back. Told him I was leaving in three weeks for Hawaii and he said well, we have to get that back in shape then. Feel much better and go back tomorrow morning. Couldn't imagine being on that plane for hours with this back.

And poor Daddy. Had to tend to the two dogs and me yesterday and then my poor little GiGi got sick last night. Around 2 a.m. Juan had to get up and let her outside...which we never have to do. Couldn't leave her out too long as a skunk was in the area...pheeeew! Once inside she began to throw up...not once...but five times. Only thing that we could think was making her ill was the food I gave her yesterday. I feed Lucky twice a day and GiGi once, since she is an adult. Both get their meals at around 5:30 p.m. I give GiGi a mix of two foods...dry Beneful and a 1/4 of a container of Beneful Prepared Meals...which is a wet food. I'm thinking it was the latter of the two foods since I had just opened up that container yesterday and it was the first serving of it I was giving to her. I usually listen for a hisss sound when opening the container but yesterday I didn't feel well and GiGi was barking for her food so am thinking this was a bad container. Don't know what else would have made her so ill. She is fine today. Threw that container away and will open a new one today. Hopefully she will be okay.

John and Brandy both went back to work yesterday. John at the warehouse where he used to work but Brandy was sent to a new place. The Warren plant where Juan retired. Boy...long drive. Both are on afternoons so don't know what is going to happen with the girls. They are both at their grandparents house for this week but next Tuesday school starts...soooo...who knows.

And that's about all I think I am going to write for today. Know three months have past since my last writing and there is probably lots to write about. But not today. Ü So until tomorrow...have a good day.