Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Night

Scratch that!...about the color of the cabinets. Changed my mind...again. Have decided on the Cherry Wood with the Cinnamon finish. Not real dark but dark enough. Gonna look nicey. Went to Lowes and looked at cabinets that color and that's when I decided on that color. Also, found light fixtures that I think I want and also the color of the faucets....a brushed nickel. The brushed nickel kind of looks like a goldish silver at different angles.
The other contractor came out today to measure. Actually it was his wife who is a designer. Really liked her as she was very informative about different the floor for one thing. She is coming back Tuesday to go over more items. Will probably go with her and her husband (who actually will do the bathroom.) Our old neighbor had him do his basement in the house next to our and also his basement in the house he lived in after he married. He has now moved into a bigger home and wants this contrator, Frank, to do his present basement.
Tomorrow is the start of the Ice Festival in Plymouth. Only lasts for three days but hopefully the weather will be still on the cool side so all of the ice sculptures won't melt too soon. Have to go get one of those hand warmers. Remember...had heard thas helps keep your cameras batteries warm so you can take pictures. Don't think I will be going until Sunday...but, maybe sooner. In any case, I will post the pictures.

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