Sunday, January 27, 2008

Plymouth Ice Festival

Well, Juan and I went to the Ice Fesvital today instead of yesterday. He changed his mind...whatever. Lots of people all in one section of town...the park. You just kind of followed the person in front of you...just walking round and round. Wasn't too cold outside and didn't need the hand warmer for the camera. Want to go back there at night as it is supposed to have colored lights shinning on the ice. Working on a scrapbook page right now and will post when I am finished.
Rob came over from across the street and brought us a Chimmichunga...not sure on that spelling. Will have to get the recipe as it was very good.
Nothing else much going on. John brought over his laundry yesterday and I finished that. Just have to iron his shirts. Love the new washing machine. Clothes come out of there almost dry. So besides not using much water (uses only two gallons), I am saving on drying time. Love it!

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