Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Night

HELLO!!!! Ahhhh....Oldtimer's disease. The cabinets are NOT the ones with the cinnamon finish....they have a Cranberry finish. See...don't get old as your mind just doesn't function correctly. Cinnamon has a brownish color and cranberries are the ones with the reddish color. Oh well. Anyway, Juan has decided that he wants to go to the Ice Festival tomorrow. Sunday is his garbage picking day and we just can't interrupt his one passion. So tomorrow it will be.

Oh, I won something from a site on the internet. Two MusicPass cards from Sony. Not sure if it is for one song or for one album each. Will have to wait and see. Went to their site... ...and who do you think is the first artist listed??? Hummmmmm???? Mi Alejandro!!! Of course, I have all his albums but, hey...the cards have no experation date so could wait until he comes out with another new album. As Juan and I always say, "Free is good!"

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