Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

Almost a couple of hours I will be officially OLD!!!! Have my Medicare Card and now they are going to take out of my Social Security an additional $96.00 a month for the Medicare. Sigh. On a different far love my new washer. Only thing is when I washed our bathroom rugs (two are blue & one is green)...I now have three blue rugs. Must be the detergent. Have to use a high effeciency detergent now with low suding. I have washed all three rugs together before and nothing ever happened, so the only thing different is the detergent.

Juan went to Dearborn Sausage in Detroit to pick up some things thinking it wouldn't be that crowded. Wrong! He got ticket number 67 and they were waiting on ticket number 84...hehe. Everyone there for their Chirstmas Polish sausage, hams, Chrusciki (Polish angel wings)(which they were out of) and everything else for the holiday. Their sausage and hams are the best anywhere.

In case you are wondering about the above ornament (the Queen from Snow White)...had to get her this year as Alex has always said she reminds her of me! Ü It's the eyebrows. Hopefully that is all.

John came over to take Aspen for her haircut. Poor doggy...I have to give her a tranquilizer as she really dosn't like getting haircuts. She did fine and looks great. Sunday will be GiGi's turn.
Will let you know tomorrow what big bucks (if any) I get from all those scratch offs.

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