Sunday, February 1, 2009

So...I'm sitting here at the ocmputer and the doorbell rings. Juan goes and yells by the door..."WHO IS IT?" And, who is it???...Alex. She drove down here just to pick up her scarf she left here at Christmas and to drop off a couple of things. Stayed here about 30-40 minutes and then left to go back home. That's alright as she will be here for some days after she has her knee operated on February 20th. Will have to go up there on that day and be with her for the operation and then bring her here. I'm sure she is looking forward to it. Ü
John, Brandy and the girls will be here later to watch the Super Bowl game but are leaving at half time or there about. Juan is making wing dings and I made some chex mix, brownies and will be making some oven fires. That should be enough for us. Don't really care who wins but guess I'm kind of rooting for Arizona. Just like watching the comercials.

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