Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Valentine's day is soon here and the photos above show the Valentine's Alexis and I made for her to pass out to her friends and family. Made hearts to be that she stamped and I wrote the inside wording. Then folded it up and this is her Valentines. The other project was to make hearts that became flowers. The center of the flower was a Tootsie Pop. These are to be given to each person with the Valentine card. Didn't have her yesterday as she was ill. Haven't heard, but assuming she will be here today. If not I will drop off the Valentines at her place.
Nothing else speciall going on. Yesterday I was all over the place. First went to the library, then to a jewelry store to look at a couple "thumb rings" for an old neighbor who was looking for some, later to Kroger's and then Meijer's. Too much walking for me. Really have to go to a doctor to look at these feet of mine. Know I have spurs so maybe they can do something about it.....who knows.
If I don't write anything tomorrow....HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to everyone.

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