Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Finished the above scrapbook page this morning. She was all excited yesterday taking her Valentine's home to give out to everyone. My Juan and only gave me a card and a giant box of chocolates. Very nice but ahhhhhhh really don't need all that chocolate. Know what you are saying...."then don't eat them"....yeah, right!
Today Juan wants to go out for dinner...specifically for prime rib. He's in the mood for some he says. Have a couple of places in mind that serve prime rib. One in Canton, one in Westland and the other is in Salem Township. Think we will go to the one in Salem Township as we have never been there. The restaurants name is Karl's Cabin and has been there for years. Funny we have never been since we have lived here for years. Well....hopefully there isn't a big wait....we'll see.

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