Thursday, February 5, 2009

And the song playing is "Alejandra". So you see Alex, there is a song with your name. When Alex came down Sunday she brought along the movie "Beauty & the Beast". Started showing it to Alexis and she loves it. Of course, we didn't finish seeing it so will show more today when she comes.
Juan and I will be going up north for my cousin's funeral Saturday morning. I imagine a ton of people will be there as she had a large family and was clerk of the city of Sheridan for 33 years. Sheridan is a small town, probably about 700 people, think the whole town will be in attendance. Still don't know what the cause of death was as all they knew at the time was that she had massive internal bleeding but didn't know why at the time of her death. Would think they would know by this week-end.

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