Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Evening

Well, I ended up making some cookies but not really Christmas ones. Had a package of those pre-made ones from Nestle's....Oatmeal Raisin...really good. This was the last of the packages I bought last month at Meijer's. They had them on sale and I had a good coupone so ended up getting them for only twenty-five cents each....and each package makes two dozen cookies. Pretty good. I used to use coupons all the time back in the day when I did refunding but stopped after a while. Now with the prices so high on everything, I started to use them again. Even made a new coupon box from one of Alexis' shoe boxes. You would be surprised how much you save.
Thought I would start writting some Chirstmas cards today and found out I have another problem. Have been having trouble with arthrites in my middle finger of my right hand. it is going to the pointer finger also and when I started to write...well...can't do it. But...I can type and do have some Christmas paper that once belonged to my mom so I just might write a Christmas letter. I'll have to see what I can put down without going on and on and on. Will see. When I told Juan he said to see if Alex will write the card...yeah right....and then he said John will do it....oh sure he will. I told him about the typing and he said, "Do we have a typewriter?" he is standing next to me while I'm on the computer. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Well, that's my Juan and only!

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Lynn said...

LOL! You crack me up. Even funnier is Uncle John asking about a typewriter!!