Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost Christmas Day

Well, the day that most people have been waiting for is almost here. One more day to go out and try and find something for the special people in your lives. Yesterday Brandy had to take Alexis to emergency as she had a fever...again. Found out she had quite a few things wrong with her including pink eye and is now on antibiotics. She is such a cute little thing and is finally feeling better. Juan calls her "the little munchkin". Not fun for a child to be sick on Christmas Day so hopefully she will be much better in a couple of days. Alex will be coming in tomorrow sometime. Know she still has all her presents to wrap. Went out today and brought food to get us through for a few days. Christmas day we will be having brunch. Just remembered...have to get the apple loaf bread out of the freezer. We should be all set. Lots of traffic out there and I suppose there will more tomorrow so didn't want to have to go out.
Anyway....Juan and I wish all of you a very merry Christmas and will be talking to you soon.

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