Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gingerbread Day

Today was Gingerbread Day. Sierra and Alexis decorated gingerbread men to take home. John was here to help with the process. I had made the men the day before and they finished them. Alexis' gingerbread man is shown on top and is a woman with curly hair and earrings. Sierra's gingerbread man has lots of hair and is wearing a belt. Brandy showed up later as she was out shopping. All the pictures taken are further down on this site if you want to see them all. Each girl had two to decorate and also put some decorations on the cardborad holding each man.
Think they are going to give one to their father and their grandmother. Seemed to be a good time for them both.


Three Michiganders said...

Awesome looking gingerbread man/woman! Where did you find cookie cutters that big? The girls did a good job with them, and I'm sure they had a great time.

MaryEllenB said...

Got the pan at Bed, Bath & Beyond last month. There is a recipe that comes with it but used the Pillsbury Gingerbread Roll which makes two of these giant men/women. Yeah, the girls had a good did John. Sierra went wild with the gum drops. Ü Doing a scrapbook page now and have written that it reminded me of Girl Scout days...Junior scouts, what with making a craft and all. Of course, I had everything laid out for them and what they were supposed to do.