Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hair Cut Day

Finally went today and had my hair cut and yes, colored. Almost three months since I had it done. I looked like late 60's all over again. More gifts came in the mail today...the ones for he needs more stuff. These are kind of neat...kind of. Just think...what does Juan really like....and don't say BEER! As if! Alexis and I made some chocolate chip cookies and I let her take home some of them. She is a real junk food eater...and Sierra is just the opposite. Sierra will go for the more healthy item while Alexis is nothing but sweet, sweet, sweet! Will have to head out tomorrow and get some food for GiGi. Meant to stop tonight but passed the store right by. Hope everyone out there picked up a lottery ticket for tomorrows drawing. Don't know what the figure is now BUT....IT'S LOTS! You just never might be the winner....of course, I hope it's me. Ü

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