Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday, Monday....

A couple more packages arrived today and I'm not happy with one of them so will send it back but first have to find something to replace it. Not much going on today although I did get out to do some grocery shopping. John had to take his car in for brakes so he is using his father's truck. Think his car will be finished tomorrow but will have to wait and see. A friend of ours is doing the job so hopefully it will be cheaper. Heard the weather is not suppose to be that good tomorrow morning but I'm not the one who will be driving to pick up the car. Guess will just have to be careful. Thought I would run over to Penney's to see what they have. Got a coupon in the mail for $10.00 toward anything...hummm....pretty good. Found out that John, Brandy and the kids will be coming here Christmas morning for presents and brunch. Then they go to her mom's house afterwards. Am assuming they will be opening presents at their place first. Good....won't be here that early.

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