Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday night...soon to be Thursday morning!

The state fair will be starting this Friday and I have decided that Juan and I should attend. Not on Friday but Monday which is Senior Citizen Day....hehehehe. We get in FREE!!!! And like Juan and I always say...."Free is Good!" He bucks me a little on going places but in the end he tags along. :) Haven't been there in quite a while...think the last time was with Alex. She won second place in a present wrapping contest. There will be Senior Contests but will have to see what they are before entering. Know there will be the oldest man and woman, longest married couple, most grandchildren, recently married couple, baldest head and prettiest hat. Hummmm.....that leaves us out on all of those categories. Unless I stick a flower in my sun hat. Maybe a big sunflower. Nah...I'll just cheer on all those Easter baskets the women will be wearing.

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