Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can't seem to stay in one place Tuesday

Trying to straighten up this house and I keep going from one project to another. Like now....back on the computer. Ah well....will get done eventually. The above photo is of a Polish Chick we saw at the fair yesterday. Cute little things...they have this poof on the top of their heads. John had called yesterday that on the way to Cedar Point he had a flat tire. Seems there was a screw in the tire. Got it fixed and all was well. He, Brandy, Sierra and Tim all went together. Guess they had a good time...will find out more when he come by later today. We won't have the girls at all this week as John starts work at 4pm instead of 3pm.....only for this week then back to his regular schedule.
Have to call Alex to find out if she is coming down this week-end. Not sure about her plans. And...Mexico is getting closer and closer. We received our itinerary in yesterdays mail along with two carry-on pieces of luggage and all the rest of the stuff they send. Will use both the carry-ons as we don't really have any...at least not as nice as these.
And....the "Chicken Dance" that's playing....sounds like that Polish chicken is part Mexican! :)

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