Monday, August 25, 2008

State Fair Day

Well....Juan and I went to the State Fair today. Must say that I sure am glad that it wasn't warm outside....really a very nice day. The fair just doesn't seem to be as exciting as it once was for me. I mean we didn't go on any of the rides...just walked around trying to find stuff interesting to look at. Walked by where they were looking for the oldest, longest married, etc. seniors. The only category I heard they were looking for at the time was the person with the most grandchildren. Someone who had 59 grandchildren won. 59! Good grief! We stayed for about two hours and then left. Of course, parking was a mile away. Afterward we went to Mexicantown and had a late lunch at a place we had never been...El Comel...not spelling that last part right. was okay...nothing special. We forgot to go visit the new place in Mexicantown that just opened up a couple of days ago. Next time.
Photos from the fair on further down on this page.

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