Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday, April 28, 2008

Our cherry tree is almost in full bloom. Very pretty. When the cherries come the robins have a field day. They can't seem to get enough. I remember I once bought one of those strawberry know....the ones that have holes all over the sides so the strawberries can grow. Well, anyway...the strawberries were growning and I was going to be able to get quite a few. NOT! The robins came and ate all of them! Oh well. Went out in the backyard and picked all the dead flowers from last year. Getting ready to get new plants although, I think it suppose to get cooler next week...50's and 60's through the end of the week. Alex will be coming down Friday night as she has someplace to go Saturday morning. Afterwards she will just go back up to Lansing. We have a birthday party to go to Saturday afternoon. My friends granddaughter will be 10 years old.

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