Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2, 2008

Finally found the towels for the bathroom. Colors are Fresh Mint by Ralph Lauren and Blue Dusk by Microcrotton. Will have to wait for the counter top to be installed to see what else I want for that room. Found a couple of boo when I turn on the light in our guest room, it makes the bathroom lights go out. Just have to hit that circuit button and the bathroom lights go on again...but can't turn on the bedroom light or else here we go again. The other thing is that when we turn on the cold water it comes out hot for about 8 seconds and then gradually turns cold. Something is not right! They are suppose to be here tomorrow so will tell them about the problems. Just a kind of run around day for me....Macy's, BB&B and Meijer's and of course, forgot to pick up some stuff while at Meijer's so will have to go back tomorrow.
Another night of TV shows that I like to watch....American's Next Top Model, American Idol, and Top Chef. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thuursday are the only days that have shows that I like to watch. The other three days really have nothing...except for The Girls Next Door which I think is still on Sunday's....not that show.
And....ARTIE SHAW....that's whose music is playing.

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