Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day

Well, the guys were here today...yea! They put all the knobs and handles on the cabinets, hooked up the heated floor, put up the shower curtain rail, also the other safety handle inside the tub area, plus lots of other things. They are coming back Thursday to paint and finish the door frame. Oh...my counter....ahhh....they heard today from the people making it that they ran out of the style of sinks I want so if I still want that kind (which I do) I will have to wait two weeks. Here we go...I said I would wait. Then Patrice, who is the wife of Frank, who is one of the two guys...the other guy is Tom, Patrices' brother...anyway, she happened to run into the guy who makes the counters and asked him why such a delay. Lo and behold they found two sinks! Yea!!! So now...I should be getting the counter the early part of next week. Should I say yea???? YEA!!!!
Took my first shower in my bathroom this night. You notice I put MY bathroom. Ü LOVED IT!!!! Drip, drip, drop....love it. There is light...thank you! and love this big shower head....just wonderful. Oh...the floor!!! Did I tell you about the floor??? Warm and toasty! I likey! I likey very much!

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