Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring! Spring! Spring!

First day of Spring...and it's nice and sunny outside but, don't let that fool's still COLD! Right now it's 39º outside with a bit of a breeze. Michigan.
So the bathroom is coming along. They primed the walls and painted the ceiling and started with the color I chose for the walls. Also, started to tile the tub enclosure. The tile will have a couple of coats of glaze on it when it is finished so will look somewhat different than pictured. You can see a couple of the glass tiles that will be randomly placed in the area. That square is for shampoos and stuff and will be tiled. The paint for the walls is the same color as the glass tiles. can see remnants of my wallpaper from long ago behind the medicine cabinet. I used to love that paper! Glad I was able to see it again. So things are progressing!

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