Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Bathroom almost has all of the tile up in the tub enclosure and all the walls are painted. Still have to put tile around the inside of the insert and tile is needed on the outside rim. Next will be the grouting....then ???.....floor??? Will keep you posted.
We are having snow right now and is predicted to be 6 to 10 inches. How fun....hehehe Alex is having her Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow morning and will be coming down here in the afternoon. John, Brandy and her kids were supposed to go up there for the hunt but with the weather...not sure now if they are or not. Also, Tonga and her family are supposed to go. I was thinking of going but Alex has to be at the capital at 8am and that changed my mind. Ü Just told her to take lots of pictures. Scrapbooking, you know.
Tomorrow will make the dessert for Sunday which will be Cherry Pie Cups and also another Irish Soda Bread. Since we are having corned beef & cabbage, might as well have the Irish bread.

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