Friday, January 2, 2009

The New Year...January 2, 2009

Well...2009 is here. Have to get used to typing in the finger kind of goes automatically to the eight. Anyway...guess what is coming back to our PBS station. You should know by what is playing. Yup...The Electric Company! Can't remember if it will be on the 15th or the 23rd of this month...but, this month it will start. Just looked it up and it will start on Friday, January 23rd at 4:30 pm. It will be new and not the old shows but I used to love that show. Suppose to teach children of ages 7-10 how to read and it certainly did! But, Alex and John learned how to read from that show...and at one and two years of age. So will look forward to seeing what it is all about now. Morgan Freeman was on the show as Easy Reader. Didn't even know he had a name on the show. It ran from 1971-1977 but had reruns through 1985. Ü
Did the above scrapbook page of John and all when they were here to get some tacos on new year's eve. Yesterday started taking down the Christmas decorations. Still have lots to put away since we put up the Christmas village this year.

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