Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Cold Wednesday

Cold! Cold! Cold! GiGi gets her hair cut tomorrow or else I would have put her picture up top. You can't even see her eyes she is so fuzzy. It's that time of year again for Girl Scout cookies and I ordered some from a friend's daughter. This is her first year being a scout and her first cookie sale so order quite a few. There goes another 10 pounds. Haven't ventured out since it is so cold but will have to anyway. Have to go to the store to pick up some items and go to the bank. Besides...good to start the car and warm it up a bit even though it's in the garage. My Aunt Bea called me this morning just to say she is alive. She does this every time she dog sits at her daughters (my cousin) house. Guess she will be there until Sunday when Sandy gets back. Just assuming that Sandy went to Chicago to her one daughter's place....or maybe, to Pennsylvania for the other daughter. Not sure but think it would be Chicago.

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