Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day After the Snow

So...yesterday we had a bit of snow. Weather stations were saying it would come overnight but it came during the day. Pretty. John came over yesterday and helped take down the Christmas tree...sooooo...Chirstmas is finally over at our house. Still have to go downstairs and put the ornaments away but that won't take long. Juan and I went out for breakfast 4pm. Ü We both like this one restaurant by us...can't think of it's name...but they serve a really good breakfast menu and they aren't expensive. Actually it's in Plymouth but right down the road. Think it's called Zack's now but it used to be called something else...Silverman's or something like that. Anyway...pretty good.
A friend of ours called yesterday to say that his retirement party had been cancelled because of the weather. Good thing we had the bad weather because I had it written down for next Saturday...ahhhh. Would have hated to have missed it. He called back later last night and said it would be on the 24th of this month. Marked it down and now should not forget.

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