Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't know why I put "The Aztecs" as a title in the above layout. It should read, "The Aztec". Have fixed it and took off the "s". Nice sunny day outside. Think I will start putting stuff away on the back patio. Like getting rid of the dead flowers and covering up the patio table and chairs. We had Alexis twice yesterday. John helped Sierras class with computers...think he said they use PowerPoint. I don't have that on my least I don't thinki I do. Not even sure if John knows how to use it. Think he will have to brush up on it. Just did a search on my computer for Powerpoint and found I do have it. Geeh! Will have to read the introduction on what exactly it does. Just glanced throught it and it is with Microsoft Word...does lots of fancy things like for a presentation or whatever. Will have to fool around with it to see how it works.


Three Michiganders said...

I love PowerPoint! It can be used for almost anything! From a sales presentation, to a picture slide show, to a mini movie, it's pretty powerful! I recently created a Jeopardy PowerPoint to help the staff here learn their products and services. The Jeopardy scoreboard was fun to do, and when a staff chose a category for $100.00, Alex (aka me) clicked on it and out came the clue. It was a hoot. Give it a try, it's pretty simple to work with.

MaryEllenB said...

Will have to fool around with it. Sounds like fun.