Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Journaling reads, "In Morelia we ate at the San Miguelito Restaurant. The restaurant is famous for the people who come here to solicit help from St. Anthony, the patron saint of the unmarried. Of course, I had to ask St. Anthony for a request for a certain someone. To motivate St. Anthony you have to turn him upside down, leave thirteen coins at the corners, walk around him thirteen times while asking for your request, light a candle and register your personal request in the book of Petitions, Miracles and Thanksgiving. St. Anthony remains upside down until he completes his Cupid tasks. I bought a couple of small St. Anthony’s to follow-up at home, just to make sure. I wasn’t the only one putting in my request. One of the other ladies in our group made three requests. That means she had to circle St. Anthony thirty-nine times. Yikes! It was very interesting as I had not heard of this task that St. Anthony performs. Will have to wait and see if he will grant my request.
September 29, 2008
Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico"

I had to laugh after I scanned the layout. I didn't have a fifth photo of any of the St. Anthony items taken up and down, so I used one...the Day of the Dead pink doll....that I took from other items in the same restaurant. Now it looks like this "woman" is still petitioning St. Anthony from her grave. She still has hope. hehehehe be it.


Three Michiganders said...

That is very interesting! I've never heard of that. I hope it works!

How did it feel to walk around a statue thirteen times? :-)

MaryEllenB said...

Got me dizzy. Now the woman who went around 39 times...that was something else.