Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Did the above layout of our visit to Tequila, Mexico and the Jose Cuervo factory and fields. Will have to do another layout of the Blue Aguve plant was sooo interesting seeing how they make tequile. Slowing getting back to normal here although Juan has a bad cold. Just where he got it...???? Couldn't have been from Mexico. Did I tell you that he didn't try any of the Mexican food? Only the guacamole. He was afraid he would catch something. Juan and only! I liked the food...for the most part. It's nothing like here. In one town I ordered chicken tacos and they came completely rolled a cigar. Different. And they always serve red and green hot sauce...which are both hotter than we have here. Loved their soups. Am going to have to try and find some of the recipes for them. My favorite is fideo...which is a noodle soup. Am sure that my sister-in-law knows how to make that particular soup. Squash soup...cream corn with ravioli soup. All wonderful. So...have to get going here. Seems I'm always off in some other direction than what I'm supposed to be doing.
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Three Michiganders said...

If not Mexican food, what else is there to eat while in Mexico?!

Sounds like you had a great trip.

MaryEllenB said...

lol. He ate a lot of steak! What a wuss!