Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday, November 29, 2007 back went out! Changing the bedding and trying to get the fitted sheet on the bed I pulled the wrong way and there you go! Isn't that bad during the day but at night am having a hard time finding a comfortable way to sleep. Yesterday Juan went and got his flu shot and today I went and got mine. Tomorrow a guy is coming to clean the kitchen, laundry and family room carpets. They are soooo bad what with the two dogs and all. After the new year I will have a new floor put in the kitchen/laundry room. Still debating on what to get. One day I think I want hard wood floors and the next I want tile.

Yesterday, I helped Carrie with 57 puppies. Yes, you read it right....57 puppies!!! There were about 8 of us who helped wash, dry, cut nails, give medicine and weigh them all. Again, these were all from puppy mills in Ohio. Brought one of the Bassett hounds over for Juan to see and took the above pictures. There are all kinds of puppies and all will be up for adoption. Just go to and put in zip code 48187. The name of Carrie's rescue is Homeward Bound. They should be all up in a few days.

Look at that face....sooooo cute! as they all are. Will try to get more pictures of the dogs later.

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XXIX said...

You need more little John stories and less Alex stories...