Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 John calls me last night around quarter to midnight.....not going to make it home with his car he says. He made it to Lilley and Palmer but had to sit there for about five minutes to let the car cool down. It is the water pump that cools the engine that is broke. So anyway, when I'm on the way to pick him up he calls me and says that he made it to Lilley and Ford Road and will park his car in front of Richardson's Drug Store. Take him home and this morning his father picked him up and took him to his car and then they all went to the auto repair shop further down on Lilley. Found out he has something else wrong with the car and it's going to cost him around four hundred....will be ready tomorrow. In the meantime, he has my car and he and Alexis go home. When it's time to take her to school...he can't find the car keys. Ahhhhhhh! Calls his dad...calls me...calls his dad and calls me again as he finally found the keys under some papers. Gets Alexis to school where she is only about 10 minutes late. Am I surprized about all the losing and calling and finding??? Not really as this is John.
On another note, Tina was married either last week-end or the week-end before. Big Indian wedding complete with the groom coming in on a white horse. Just where do you find a white horse???? but was thinking that it probably gets rented out a lot just for Indian weddings. One of John's friends on Facebook is a relative of Tina's and posted photos so John let me look at them. Reception was at Laurel Manor....Tina looked great as did all her friends.


Three Michiganders said...

It's always Moms that come to the rescue, even at midnight! At least there's job security :-)

Did Tina marry someone with an Indian ethnicity?

MaryEllenB said...

Yes, she did....a, but a doctor none the less and they live in Arizona.