Monday, April 6, 2009

Here We Go Again

Who said winter was over? Had some snow around here this morning but nothing sticking to the pavement...just melts off. Yesterday met John and Brandy up at Hawthorne Valley to look at the room where the wedding reception will take place. Nice...big room. Will have the wedding shower at the same place and because of that we get a free wedding rehersal dinner for up to twenty-five people. Pretty good. Because they were serving Sunday Brunch, we were all able to taste the food. Not bad. Some items were better than others. They have decided to go with individual dinners and have picked out filet and some kind of chicken...not sure what...but will be served together. Soup, salad, potato, vegetable, rolls, coffee and dessert come with the main dish. They will pick out just what the items are later.
Think we will have chili tonight for dinner. Sounds good on a snowy day.

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