Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

So here is a solution to falling over peony stems. Saw this online and thought it would look better than stakes with ropes going all around. Will have to wait and see. The chair was an old broken one that Juan found and he just took out the seat in the middle and there you are. Know it looks a little weird now but once the stems get bigger and then all the peony blooms it should look okay....something like the one in the bottom photo. The blooms are so pretty but as soon as it rains...down they all go. Hopefully this will hold them all up.
It was such a nice sunny day yesterday. Didn't really do anything special and not today either although, all the sun has disappeared and the temperature dropped 20degrees. I do believe it's going to rain! Which is good.
Ordered a indoor/outdoor carpet for the front porch. Not really too sure about the color I ordered. Terra Cotta. I mean I like the color but Juan's boots...that's another thing. Will still use the one small carpet for under his chair and feet on the porch. This way don't think it will get that dirty. GiGi should like it. And that it. Tonight watching one of my favorite TV shows...Celebrity Apprentice. Love that show.


Lynn said...

This looks like something my mom would do with her flowers!

MaryEllenB said...

Yes, that must be a mom thing. Ü