Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Did the above scrapbook page of the wine vineyards we went to in Lake Leelanau. For some reason was having trouble piecing the two pages together. Not quite sure what the reason was for this so had to do it a different way. In the process it made some of photos on the right side blurry which they really aren't. Well, you get the jist of the layout anyway. We had a wine tasting here at this particular vineyard...the Chateau Fontaine. You can see some of the grapes growing in the distance on the top right of the page. These grapes were planted by Michigan State University back 22 years ago. The owners did a great job of explaining and letting us taste the different wines. They had cheese, crackers, bread, seasoned oil and grapes out for us and of course, wine. We ended up getting a bottle of their Chateau Fontaine 2006 White Riesling which both of us really liked. Neither of us are big wine drinkers so we bought this for guests who are. I also picked up a package of Bread Dipping Herbs that you add to oil and two cheese ball mixes. One was Chardonnay, Garlic & Cilantro and the other is Red Wine, Red Peppers & Chives. Each package makes four cheese balls so will have pleanty on hand.
Juan is out cutting the front grass. We cleaned off the front porch as tomorrow people are coming to install the enclosure for the porch. Sure will be different. I had to move the flower containers around to make room and also moved the hanging basket. Now it is on a stand, still in front but, near the other end of the house. Have to take down the wind chimes we have out and later will have John install hooks to hang them on the over-hang. And that's what going on.
Oh...and the slide show near the bottom of this page has all the photos from our trip. You can put your cursor over the picture to see a discription.

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Three Michiganders said...

I would have to agree with you that Traverse City isn't all that big a deal, although still a pretty fun place to go. Paul's sister's family go there every single year, and we've gone with them a couple of times and had fun.

Did you go to a little fisherman's hut in Lake Leelanau? It's in the main shopping area, right by the water. They sell all sorts of processed fish, and have the best turkey jerky! Yummy.

Glad to hear that you had fun and are back home safe and sound:-)