Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday, July 25,2008

Another product I really love....Clarisonic Skin Care System. Know it's on the pricey side but for me it really works. Have some psoriasis on my face and this product keeps it in check. Just bought it in, I believe January, and today the base charger won't charge. Called the company and they are sending me out a brand new system...the Clarisonic and it's cradle charger. The brush head I will keep. Very pleased with this company. Noticed on their site that they now have a universal charger cradle. Will probably use an adapter for when we go to Mexico so don't think I will get that product. Their web site is: ...if you are interested.
Have to watch the girls a little longer today as there is a union meeting right after work for Brandy. Have the movie "Alice in Wonderland"....hopefully this will keep them amused.

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