Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The doorbell rang....and who was there but our old neighbors from across the street...who are now divorced! So all evening I hear how they should have never moved from the house across from us. They had wanted a bigger....much bigger house so they had one built. Went crazy with spending and with the cost of a mortgage, utility bills, etc. they lost the house and their marriage. They have a daughter, who is now 10, so she is the reason they still see one another. They are now each seeing someone else...the man is seeing a woman who has never married but has terrible credit. The woman is seeing a man who is recently divorced with three children and has a huge monthly child support. ahhhh The woman and her daughter are now living with her parents. She has no job and gets food stamps. They are both 40 years old. I don't understand.

Oh....and the reason for the beer song and photo?.....they both like to drink....a we had to drive them home type drinking. Fun.

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