Sunday, October 4, 2009


So...back from Hawaii and it is sure a beautiful place. Some call it "paradise" and I can understand why. Would do a couple of things the flight going there. We went from here to Dallas/Fort Worth and that was fine...but...then the next flight was from DFW to Hawaii and that was way too long of a flight. Know I am well padded but had to get up several times as sitting there just hurt. Stood in the back of the plane for quite a bit and that helped. Coming home wasn't as bad. We flew out of Honolulu at 9:30 pm Monday night. Flew from there to LA and arrived at about 5:25 am Tuesday which wasn't as bad as you slept most of the time. Next was our flight at 6:10 am to Dallas/Fort Worth. Had about a 2 hour layover and then on to Detroit where we arrived at about 4:15 pm. You have to remember that there is a six hour difference in getting here at 4:15 pm, it would be 10:15 am in Hawaii.
So, the first day we are kind of tired from the long flights and don't do too much. By the time we got our luggage and then had to take a shuttle to pick up our rental car then get to the hotel, it was about 5:30 pm....that would be 11:30 pm at home. Just unpacked all our stuff and then went out for a small meal. Went to the place kind of next door and upstairs there was a food court with all kinds of places to buy a meal. We just had a slice of pizza and a bottle of water. That's one slice a piece plus the water. Bill came to $13.68. Expensive in sure is. Then went back to our room and went to bed.
The next day, Wednesday, we had reservations to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Now this is a place I would recommend to anyone going to Oahu. Place is fabulous! We got there a little early so went to the place down the road from it.....Mormon Temple grounds. Beautiful surroundings BUT our mistake was going in. They set us up with a Sister Paige....a young girl...a missionary. Needless to say she tried to "convert" us...but heathens that we are, she didn't. Ü Forgot to mention that this Polynesian Center is owned and run by the Mormon's. Ninety-five percent of the people working there are students at the BYU there in Hawaii. So we were there from noon until about 8:30pm. Everything was beautiful and the people are so talented. Well worth going. We had the VIP tickets so had our own personal guide. A young man from the Philippines named Ton Ton. He took up to all the right places at the right time and we had up front seats for everything. Web site for this place is:
Since Alex had been there before she knew a lot of the places to see...and she is good with driving directions. A couple of times we went in circles but no problem.
Thursday morning we went to the rehearsal for the wedding at the golf club. Another beautiful place. Alicia is Alex's girlfriend that she met while living in Virginia and Alicia moved to Hawaii where she met her future husband...a really nice man named Tom. Alicia is so funny as she like to take photos of everything and had her camera in hand to capture everything. Wedding will look beautiful the that setting.

Will have to continue this tomorrow as am doing to many things at once here. Put up some photos down near the bottom of this page. Just some...will have to do more tomorrow.

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