Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After

Did anyone see the sun setting tonight? It was beautiful!!! Juan called from another room and said to look out back....and there it was....the trees looked like they were on fire. Just the trees...nothing else. It was something to see.
Didn't go out into the mad rush today. Haven't done that since the kids were too! John came by and brought some presents as he got up early this morning into the night looking for bargains. He came here with three large bags full of stuff. We are the official hiding place. He had some lunch and then went home. Alex on the other hand went downstairs, into my room down there, and cleaned. Forgot I had some of the stuff she straightened out. Ü Am upset with myself as I didn't take any pictures yesterday for a scrapbook page. We ended up not having dinner until around 7pm as John, Brandy and her kids went to her Mom's house for turkey dinner earlier. Tomorrow, Alex and I are going to see King Tut...How'd you get so funky?...Funky Tut. Anyway....the exhibition is at the African Museum by the DIA and will end the end of we thought we would go. Will take my camera to see if I can take pictures. Thought Juan would like to go but...NOT! Yesterday I told him not to fool around with lights on the house....but NO....up and down the ladder he went. Now his legs are killing him. Oh well.

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