Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally Back!

I know, I know, I haven't posted in a while now. Kind of got caught up in Facebook. ??? But I miss being able to rant on and on. Ü So what has happened in the past few weeks? Well, Juan had his 70th birthday.....70!!! Yikes! Took a couple of photos from that event but he didn't shave and if there is anything worse in a photos it's a 70 year old who hasn't no photos to share of that event. The above photos are of Sierra, John and GiGi. GiGi kept trying to lick the paint off Sierra's face so that is the reason she has her head turned a bit. Sierra, Alexis and their mother went skating and that is where she had her face painted. Guess John is looking for a house. He and Juan went yesterday to look at one but it was too small with no basement. Tomorrow he is looking at a foreclosure house that is a two story with four bedrooms near where he is living now.
Tomorrow is Green Day and Juan went and bought some corned beef today and Holiday Market. They sell the Wigleys brand that we all love and would have to go to Eastern Market to buy. Will make that for St. Patty's day along with potatoes and carrots but no cabbage this time. Juan can't seem to stomache it anymore and I'm not getting a head just for me. Will be wearin' the green and eatin' me irish dinner but no stout. Juan takes care of that department.
Will try to keep up this blog more regular from now on....although will still keep track of facebook.
Oh...added a new gadget on this blog. My favorite blog sites. Check it's on the right hand side right after "About Me".


Three Michiganders said...

You can rant on facebook too :-)

But I agree, it's not the same. Glad you're back.

MaryEllenB said...

No, it's not the same. And besides...there is no music! Ü