Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday....End of the Week

Have decided that we "might" put up the Christmas tree this year. That is only if I can find an artificial tree with multi-colored lights already on it. Know they are out there...just have to find one. I have belonged to the Hallmark ornament club since...well, the beginning. One of the series I like doesn't even have anything to do with Christmas...The Wizard of Oz series. Above is a picture of one of this years ornaments from that series. It is a "Magic Ornament" meaning that it talks. This years ornament is "Who Rang That Bell?". You push a button and it goes through the whole speech with doors opening and closing. I showed it to Alexis yesterday and the look on her face was priceless. We haven't been putting up the tree in the last few years because of all the time it takes....about two weeks. Ahhhhh...but seeing the reaction on her face....well...just makes me want to see it again at Christmas time. We haven't had any little kids in the family to show all the wonder of Christmas coming. This time we it should be fun. Have to admit....our tree is really spectacular.